views are the rendering part of Briz. it sets outout for sending response. renderer constructs response from views. where the viewfiles are stored depends upon the viewEngine and views class used. the default view engine uses the configration from config/view.php to store the file. the default location is MyApp/views. the default view engine requires you to store it in a directory with the same name as the router.

By default only the class ParsedView will use the view file configuration for view directory. it requies you to store files with a .view.php file extension. You can use other view engines like twig if you want.


ParsedView is a class which uses view directory. it checks if the view file exists and parses array or object to variables to the file. it then stores it’s output to response.

if we call renderer like


if the name of the router is web. it will check inside views/web for the file hello.view.php and converts the array to variables. so, we can use it in view file like $greet and $name. if our view file contains,

echo "$greet $name";

it will output

hello haseeb


the JsonView will generate output in JSON format and sets a Json content-type header. this will not use any files.


This view is not of much use. it will just write to response evrything thrown at it. it expects an array to be single dimentional.

View Configuration

the view configurations should be stored inside config\view.php

If you open this file you can find what are the values stored init.