Briz framework

Briz is an easy to use PHP framework designed to write powerful web applications ranging from simple api to large web applications.

Rapid to Develop and Quick to run


It is faster than many micro frameworks out there. Even if you use most features like route inheritance, identity, controllers and views (as in Briz loaded in the chart) it will still be faster than many popular micro frameworks. so dont worry about speed.

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Briz has a good set of features to help you.

Easy to Add Dependancies

Briz uses dependancy injection. It is not that strict. so adding dependancies is very easy.

Introducing new Routing System

Briz comes with a new Routing system. it helps in easily extending and seperating your web application. Route inheritance helps you to specify a route extends another route. this works just as in a programming language.


Identity is about identifying a route from one another. this feature can also be used in other parts using a trait.


Briz supports PSR-7. You can work interoperably with any Psr-7 message implementations.

view Briz Hello world for basic hello world examples or view Quick Start for more details.